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I'm Dom, and I'm an athlete just like you. Every morning I would gear up for my run, cycle, or gym workout only to find that within 5 minutes of exercising my performance clothing would start to smell. Whether I'm wearing a free race finisher t shirt or a top of the range cycling jersey, i'd encounter the same problem. 

That is where ecoswash comes in. 

Our mission is to provide high-quality, plant based, eco-friendly cleaning products that genuinely clean our sportswear while minimizing our impact on the environment. We have worked closely with our suppliers and manufacturers to specifically craft a formula that removes unwanted bacteria and odours from performance clothing. 


Our team consists of passionate athletes from various sports, coming together to develop innovative cleaning solutions that address the specific needs of athletes across disciplines.

We have partnered with a UK based charity, Surfers Against Sewage, to help improve water quality, reduce plastic polution, protect and restore our oceans, and stop global warming.

Join the ecoswash community today and experience the difference of cleaning solutions made by athletes, for athletes. Together, we can achieve great smelling peak performance while preserving our planet for future generations.

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I'm Tom, co-founder here at Ecoswash, and I met Dom when we were both based in London and training for triathlons. We spent many hours each week swimming, running and cycling, at which point Dom challenged me to an Ironman, having just completed one himself.

After encouraging each other at our respective Ironman races over the years, we both made it to Kona (Ironman World Championships) in 2022.

Having spent so many years dealing with Dom's smelly training kit that he could never quite get smelling fresh, he invited me to join his adventure.

That is where Ecoswash comes in.


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