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Sustainable Laundry Hacks for Athletes

Off on a training camp? Taking on the winds of Lanza or hills of Mallorca?


Here’s some laundry hacks while travelling!

PS - ecoswash is the #1!


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  1. Pack ecoswash: Travel friendly laundry sheets, our compact ecoswash sheets are your go-to. With an amazing scent and eco-friendly packaging, they're a must-have for training camps. Get fit with ecoswash by your side! Order now.  

  2. The Scrubba: Another travel laundry hero. Bags like The Scrubba are soft containers that have ribbed insides which act a bit like a washboard. Shop here.  

  3. Travel Clothesline: Save space with a compact travel clothesline. The twisted design lets you clip in items without pegs. Hooks and suction cups make hanging and removing clothes a breeze. No more creative draping!  

  4. Microfiber Towel: When drying space is tight, a microfiber towel comes to the rescue. Spread, roll tightly, and squeeze to expedite the drying process. Absorbing four times its weight in water, it's a must-have for training camps.  

  5. Wrinkle-Free Hacks: Say goodbye to creased clothes! Use a hairdryer on low heat while gently pulling fabric down. Or, hang items in a steamy shower for 15 minutes. In a rush? Sandwich items between towels under a mattress for a quick fix.  

And The Return: Back home? Spark up the washing machine and conquer the mountain of used kit. Keep it planet-friendly – explore ecoswash for a sustainable travel laundry routine!



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